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Sistema Kibi

Kibi allows the elderly to keep their independence for as long as possible, living at home even when some form of assistance is necessary; permits the family to assist their loved ones, without invading their privacy; provides residential facilities with an effective tool to better assist their guests.

Kibi is composed of a wearable device (Kibi wear) and some proximity sensors to be placed in the house (Kibi near).

The level of well-being of the person is related to the so-called Activities of Daily Living (ADLs). ADLs are the daily activities related to movement, rest, nutrition and personal hygiene.

The detection of these activities makes it possible to measure the person’s well-being index, her/his level of independence, and changes over time.

Kibi identifies both remarkable ADLs and important events such as falls and dizzy spells, and learns the person's habits. This allows recognizing anomalous behaviours, which may require external intervention.

Kibi can include a vocal interface for a friendly interaction with the person: it is possible to arouse the attention of Kibi, in case of need, and start talking. Communication with caregivers is designed for simple interaction via app or browser, with different levels of detail. Kibi can integrate devices for security and home automation.

Data security and integrity are ensured through advanced blockchain- based techniques. Teseo offers customized solutions to care facilities, hospitals, senior living companies, based on specific needs.

Functional features


Our philosophy: using technologies with a great past; experimenting technologies with a great future.


It checks the smooth running of daily activities and detects anomalous behaviours, in complete respect for privacy.


From the integration of Ambient Assisted Living technologies to the development of intelligent interfaces and robot systems.


Rosario Nisticò

CEO, Sales

Antonella Giuni


Fulvio Mastrogiovanni


Suha Abuarqub


Paolo Rebuffo

Business Angel

Andrea Rossi

Business Angel

Renato Zaccaria

Technology Transfer

Alessio Capitanelli

Product Manager

Luca Buoncompagni

Solution Architecture

Andrea Nisticò

IoT Design

Carola Motolese

Machine/Deep Learning

Marta Cristofanini

UX/UI Design

Valentina Zaccaria


Raffaele Maurici

Innovation Agency, President
Istituto Italiano di Bioetica,
Member of the Executive Committee



Piazza N. Montano 2a/1
16151 Genova

Ph. +39 010 460099

VAT IT 02366110993

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